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Training, Attendance, Paid Holidays, Recalculation function, Payroll locks etc

1 year 11 months ago #4328 by Patrick
Hi Kapp

Hope you're well. Just some more suggestions for more advancements in future releases.

Employee Records
Have a field next to birth date that will automatically give the age of the employee. That can be used also in the employee search field for an age report. That way employers can tell age, race and gender of employees for Employee Equity.

Integrate training into employee records. When displaying employee records, you can see all training done by employees. It can then be downloaded along with the employee records.
Training Report. Training report for all employees on one screen for a particular period. Also displaying all employees that attended a particular training intervention.
Add a price of the course when adding a training course so that employees are held accountable for not attending the course.

For Admin: To be able to delete a clock record (in or out) instead of deleting the whole day.
To have a time sheet (similar to Attendance Management on Admin account) on the employee account that can be downloaded.
To be able to add hours to an employee’s time records without having to clocking in and out for the day. (If paid holidays can’t be added automatically).
Integrate training into time and attendance records.
Add leaves into time and attendance records.

Paid Holidays
If a paid holiday falls within an employees work schedule (Workday) that it adds the planned hours for that day.

Recalculate function
To be used for retroactive recalculation when making changes to certain or all employee records eg. Updating Work schedules, changes to leave types like adding or deducting entitlements. This will update entitlements as well as Payroll once payroll is integrated with time records for those who pay hourly (variable income?).

Enabling a payroll lock so employees can’t apply for leave when doing payroll reconciliation. Can be unlocked again. Perhaps by manually disabling leave application.
Also locking payroll records once payroll has run.

Add training alert to the dashboard.
1 year 11 months ago #4329 by Kap-Chew
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback. However, most of the features suggested here are without a practical use case attached, therefore it makes me difficult to assess their importance to other users as well.

Would you mind telling me what kind of use cases would justify the features suggested? For instance, why do you need the "age report for employee"? What's the purpose of having such report?
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