A good payroll for Malaysian businesses normally should not offer anything less than the EPF, SOCSO and PCB deduction calculations.

Typically, the payroll related statutory forms that need to be generated by the payroll and human resource management software in regards to employee salary are:

  • KWSP Borang A
  • SOCSO Borang 8A / 2 / 3
  • Income Tax
  • EA Form
  • CP8
  • CP22
  • CP22A
  • CP39
  • PCB2(11)

In addition to the Malaysian statutory forms, a good payroll software should also be able to calculate employee's leaves, be it paid or unpaid leave. Overtime salary calculation may be mandatory to factory environment, while miscellaneous employee personal claims may become inevitable to some bigger companies.

In some working environment where formalities are still a norm, punch card systems may be required to integrate with such payroll systems. Hence flexibility of interfacing with third party attendance modules may need to be taken into account.