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Attendance transactions / Time Statement

2 years 2 weeks ago #4268 by Patrick
What I have implemented until attendance transactions/schedule displays attendances, holidays, leave types, etc.

In order to show an entire month with clocks and absences:
1. Load absences for employees for the entire month.
2. When employees do clock corrections by clocking in or out via the HR.my app or web version, it will overwrite the absence and update the status to present.
3. Under the wizards "Attendance” → “Management", one can generate a time statement called “Attendance Transactions” for all or specific employees. With ABSENCES loaded and clock corrections, it will display the entire month's transactions.
Perform a search for specific employee for specific month.
Export the transactions
You will be notified by email when file is ready. Or immediately proceed to step 4.
4. The time accounts will be found in the “Team” wizard → “Documents and form sharing” and the attached file can be downloaded in Excel format.
5. Sort the dates from earliest to latest and expand the criteria.
6. Delete unnecessary columns.
7. Add total actual hours for the month.
8. Add 2 lines for signatures.
9. Save as .pdf.
10. Print.↓
11. Employee signs then line manager or delegated authority signs.
12. File and keep according to File Plan / Records Management practices regulated by various Acts.
2 years 2 weeks ago #4269 by Kap-Chew
Thanks for sharing your experience.
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