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Time Statement / Attendance transaction for upcoming features

2 years 2 weeks ago - 2 years 5 days ago #4267 by Patrick
Just my suggestion:
In the Upcoming features Attendance Schedule to show Attendance and Absent records, leaves, days off, public holiday etc.

It would be nice if the system can calculate the planned amount of hours for employees according to the work schedule created in the Workday wizard. The system then adds up the actual hours worked and leave and holidays then subtracts from the planned hours. It then indicates if the employee is over or under. If under, the employee can make up the time by using their accrued leave to balance the hours. The leave used to make time up is subtracted from accrued leave, if that makes sense. Attached is a copy of a time statement.

In the interim I will post what i do to display a month's attendance transactions.
PS. Perhaps loading a month work schedule with work times, in advance.

Perhaps too complex but also a suggestion. An option to create different rules for holidays.
Paid public holiday : If a holiday falls on a day you would have worked in the work schedule. The system adds the hours you would have worked to the planned hours and displays it in the time accounts
Unpaid public holiday : if a holiday falls on a day you wouldn't have worked.
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